Canadian Outdoor Adventure YouTubers – Part 2

Back by popular demand, here’s part 2 of Canadian outdoor adventure YouTubers. In this list, you’ll find people documenting their experiences in backcountry travel, camping, bushcraft, and off-grid living. I hope the creators on this list inspire you to get outside and make your own adventures.

If you missed part 1, you can check it out here.


Jonathan stands in front of a lake holding his dog Princess.

Screenshot from Pug Camper by Jonathan Yeh.

Canadian outdoor adventure YouTubers

Jonathan Yeh is an avid camper, hiker, and backcountry cook. He explores the wilderness with Princess, his adorable adventure pug. Jonathan began capturing his outdoor adventures in Ontario, but has since moved to Alberta where he’s exploring new trails and higher peaks.

You have to check out his mouthwatering backcountry meals. I’m excited to try his stir fried spicy pork belly, mushroom saute steak with corn, and chicken alfredo.

If you enjoy canoe trips, see his trip to Killarney Provincial Park. The trip features some excellent fishing, delicious meals, and mischievous dog companions.

Voyageur Tripper

Mikaela is new to YouTube, but not to the outdoor community. She’s a skilled paddler, hiker, guide, and backcountry navigator. She’s also a blogger who writes informative trip reports.

Head over to her YouTube channel to see her skilfully manoeuvre class I and class II rapids in the Upper Ottawa Valley and the Petawawa River. If hiking is more your jam, see her 2-day Backpacking Trip to Bruce Peninsula. The high cliffs are stunning and Mikaela offers advice for sleeping warm and comfortably in a tent.


Martin is a crown land hiker, backpacker, and canoe-tripper based in Ontario. His YouTube channel is a good educational resource for campers. Martin won me over with his tips for snuggling in a tent when using separate sleeping mats.

I also learned a lot from his two-part crown land series. Part 1 discusses the reasons you might consider camping and hiking on crown land. Part two shows you how to find crown land using the Ontario Crown Land Policy Atlas.

The Timber Life and Trustin Timber

Caitlin paddles a canoe through a river at golden hour.

Screenshot from My Timber Life by Caitlin and Trustin Timber.

This husband and wife duo will make you fall in love with nature all over again. Caitlin and Trustin’s videos are beautifully shot and explore some serene landscapes in Ontario. You can find them on two accounts, Trustin Timber and The Timber Life:

Trustin Timber inspires people to build things with their own hands. I’m dreaming of recreating their Mors Korchanski inspired shelter and these bushcraft chairs.

On The Timber Life, you’ll find more backcountry adventures and behind the scenes footage. I really enjoyed this crown land trip because Caitlin and Trustin overcome navigation troubles, dead ends, and bad advice. In the end, they find themselves paddling along a serene lake flanked by trees.

Lost Lakes

Jon and Erin run the YouTube channel Lost Lakes, formerly known as Backcountry Angling Ontario. If you enjoy angling, this is the channel for you. Watch them ice fish for pike and catch the elusive aurora trout.

I’ve also been loving their winter camping content. In 2019, they recorded their first overnight stay in a quinzee. They also do hot tent camping and have some solid advice if you are looking to purchase a stove for your hot tent.

My Self Reliance and Shawn James

Shawn James stands in front of his forest garden.

Screenshot from My Self Reliance by Shawn James

Shawn James is a skilful woodworker who lives off-grid with his golden retriever, Cali. Tucked in the forests of Ontario, Shawn makes videos about log cabin construction, wilderness exploration, hunting, and fishing.

Watch his time lapse cabin build and the construction of his forest food garden using permaculture principles. Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention his knife and axe safety video, it likely saved me some injuries.

Shawn stays mostly silent on this channel so that we can hear the forest ambience, but you can head over to Shawn James to hear him speak candidly about his outdoor life.

Living Off Grid with Jake and Nicole

Nicole and Jake make YouTube videos about their off-grid life in beautiful British Columbia. The couple live in a yurt, grow their own food, and harvest energy from solar and wind power.

For a summary of their humble beginnings, see their one year alone in the wilderness video. In it, they reflect on the experience of living off-grid while weaving together past footage of its construction.

Their day-to-day videos show them gardening, cooking, swimming, and hanging out with their dogs.

Canoehound Adventures

From Ontario, Dennis hosts Canoehound Adventures. Join him every Tuesday at 7:00PM EST for a live show where he interviews fellow campers, hikers, and paddlers.

See the interview he did about bear safety with Chris, Julia, and Kevin. The interview comes after a scary encounter that Chris and Julia had with a food aggressive bear in Algonquin Park. Now that spring is close, I also recommend his interview with Kevin Callan about trip planning.

Explore the Backcountry

Leah pulls a canoe through a shallow river.

Screenshot from Explore the Backcountry by Brad and Wayne Jennings and Leah Schmidt.

Canadian outdoor adventure YouTubers

Brad Jennings, Wayne Jennings and Leah Schmidt share their outdoor adventures on Explore the Backcountry. They are excellent paddlers having tackled many challenging routes through the Temagami River, Upper Magnetawan River, and West Montreal River.

Check out their 200km paddle through Wabakimi Provincial Park in Ontario. The trip has a whooping 80 portages through the Boreal Forest and down the Collins River. The landscape is beautiful with waterfalls and towering cliffs.

Kevin Outdoors

Kevin Outdoors contains vlog-style backcountry camping and fishing content, as well as educational videos about animal safety, forest ecology, and gear.

If you camp in bear country, you should definitely watch Kevin’s series on bear safety. He takes time to go through the studies on bear attacks and what works best to prevent them. The series covers bear behaviour, bear spray, noise deterrents, sense of smell, and bear proofing your food.

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