Confessions of an Outdoor Enthusiast

Brace yourself for confessions of an outdoor enthusiast – a list of my outdoor sins, quirks, and crankiness.

Woman stands on a boardwalk looking out over a marsh

Sleep? What sleep?

If I could bring a mattress, box spring, and three pillows in my backpack, I would. I do not sleep well when camping. Sleeping pads are torture, I get up multiple times to pee, and every nighttime sound is surely a bear.


I like sharing my outdoor experiences online and seeing others do the same, but FOMO (fear of missing out) can hit me hard. Did you post about your 7-day Algonquin Park trip? I’m so happy for you. But, bring me next time, okay?

Bear spray, 10 essentials, and trip plans

I hate to admit it and I’m a fool for doing it, but I often day-hike without bear spray. Annnnd, I’m usually only carrying 6 of the 10 essentials. Regardless, I pride myself in always leaving a trip plan. Rest assured, if I am ever attacked by a bear, someone will locate my body.

I hate trip prep

When I first started backcountry camping, I loved prepping for trips. I enjoyed packing, checklists, and coordinating with others. These days, packing is a bore and I just want to be on the adventure.

You pack yours, I’ll pack mine

I don’t want to meal plan with you. I swear, it’s not you – it’s me. I’ll even share what I bring, but I don’t want to coordinate meals. It’s such a hassle.

I don’t mind pooping in the woods

Is this too personal? Probably.

Biting Insects

I hate biting insects. I’m sure you hate them too. But, while you might battle swarms of mosquitoes for the sake of camping, I’ll be seeing you when bug season is over.

A woman's leg covered in swollen mosquito bites.

I do it for the ‘gram’

Running this blog and my Instagram sometimes gives me the extra push to get outside. I’m grateful for that. On the other hand, turning a hobby into shareable content can be tiresome. If I’m on hiatus, I’m probably taking some time to enjoy the outdoors without the pressure to document it.

I want to start the campfire

If you do, that’s fine. If we are on a longer trip, just let me do it once.

I hate your music

I know that people enjoy the outdoors in different ways and that’s okay. But, I will silently curse you if you play music in earshot of my campsite.

Plant ID, plant ID, plant ID

I will identify every plant I know, even if you don’t care. Don’t worry, the list isn’t very long.

I spend A LOT of time in front of a computer

Because my social media is curated, I’ve fooled some into thinking I live in the woods or I’m always outside. I try to get out once a day, but I live in a city and spend most my time in front of a computer.

What are your confessions?

Do any of these resonate? Confess away in the comments section.

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