Outdoor Adventure Podcasts to Tune Into

I’m a big fan of outdoor adventure podcasts. They keep me company on long drives and sleepless nights, and provide inspiration for my own excursions. Here’s a few of my favourites with episode links:

Check out these great outdoor adventure podcasts: Wilderness Wellness, Wild Fed, Paul Kirtley, She Explores, and Dirtbag Diaries.

She Explores

She Explores highlights women’s outdoor adventures with a focus on camping, hiking, and travel. Interwoven within these stories are themes of aging, feminism, conservation, diversity and inclusion.

Episode 134 Climbing Our Own Mountains: Wasfia Nazreen

Wasfia Nazreen is an explorer with National Geographic, an experienced mountaineer, social worker, and writer. In this episode, she talks about completing the Seven Summits, the highest mountains in each of the 7 continents.

Episode 148 Lessons We Can Learn from Wilderness Therapy: Judith Sadora

How can backcountry skills help us deal with everyday stress? That’s what Judith Sadora discusses in this episode. Judith is a licensed therapist who practices wilderness therapy.

The Wilderness and Wellness Podcast

The Wilderness and Wellness podcast features outdoor enthusiasts and scientists who share their relationship with nature. If you’re a fan of the television show Alone, check out the interviews with several of its contestants.

Episode 16 Kristi Dranginis: How to Know Birds

Ornithologist and educator, Kristi Dranginis, shares some secrets for learning about birds. Learn why she advises against bird identification apps and what she recommends instead.

Episode 7 Angel Tadytin: Navajo Guide Empowering Women Through Hikes on Navajoland

Angel Tadytin is a Navajo hiker, mother, adventurer, and social worker. She talks about her work with Women Who Hike and why she loves guiding hikes and teaching others about Navajoland.

Wild Fed

Wild Fed is a podcast all about hunting, fishing, and foraging. You’ll learn about native plants, ethical harvesting, and traditional foods.

Episode 11 Newfoundland, Food is Who We Are with Lori McCarthy

Lori McCarthy teaches us about the local food and culture of Newfoundland and Labrador. Lori is the founder of Cod Sounds and a Director at the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

Episode 38 The Black Ghost, 37 Years with Black Bears with Randy Cross

Randy is a black bear biologist and hunter working with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries. In this episode, Randy discusses black bear behaviour, ecology, food preferences, and popular myths.

The Dirtbag Diaries

The Dirtbag Diaries is one of the longest running outdoor podcasts. It features conversations with outdoor adventurers, athletes, and conservationists.

Episode 8 Endangered Spaces: The Elwha River Recovery, Washington

This episode is all about the fight to save Washington State’s Elwha River and the fish that inhabit it. It’s a rare success story made possible by the efforts of Indigenous land and water protectors, scientists, and environmentalists.

Episode 81 Roland Thompson, Utah, Climb, Ride, Snow

Roland Thompson served 10 years in federal prison for armed robbery. He talks about how the outdoors helped him overcome a life of crime and drugs. Today, he is a passionate snowboarder and climber.

Paul Kirtley Podcast

The Paul Kirtley Podcast covers all things bushcraft, survival, and ethnobotany. Many of Paul’s guests are Canadian adventurers.

Episode 38 Justin Barbour on Exploring the Wilderness of Newfoundland and Labrador

Justin Barbour is known for his epic trips across Newfoundland and Labrador. Learn what got Justin interested in wilderness travel, how he plans his trips, and what drives him.

Episode 35 Anna Lewington on Adventures in Ethnobotany and the Bounty of Birches

Anna Lewington joins Paul to talk about her studies in ethnobotany. She discusses her book, Birch, which documents the traditional uses, medicinal properties, and cultural significance of the birch tree.

Tell Me Your Favourites!

Let me know in the comments, what are your favourite outdoor adventure podcasts? And check out my other podcast recommendations:

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