Under the Yoke: Ontario’s New Canoeing Podcast!

Have you heard? There’s a new Ontario-based podcast all about wilderness canoeing and camping. It’s called Under the Yoke and it’s exciting news for those of us who love to paddle in this province.

The podcast launched in November with the goal of inspiring others to try backcountry tripping. Each week, Eric and Adrian interview a new guest about their favourite wilderness trips and useful tips for the backcountry.

If you’re hearing about Under the Yoke for the first time, you have 12 episodes to catch up on.  Here’s a few recommendations:

Under the Yoke is an Ontario-based podcast about canoeing and backcountry travel.

Episode 5 – Tierney Angus talks Temagami: Wild, Rugged, and Under Threat

Tierney Angus, the Vice President of Friends of Temagami, joins the guys to talk about paddling, camping, and navigating the Temagami region. Tierney also describes the ongoing fight to protect the Solace Wildlands from being clear-cut.

The Solace Wildlands are one of the last unprotected virgin forests within the Temagami region. Solace connects several parks and is important habitat for many species. To learn more about the struggle to protect Solace visit the Friends of Temagami website.

Episode 7 – Skin-On-Frame Canoe Making with Jon from Backcountry Custom Canoes

In this episode, Eric and Adrian interview Jon from Backcountry Custom Canoes. Jon started making handcrafted skin-on-frame canoes for himself and his family. Now, he builds custom canoes on a commission basis. He works closely with his clients to tailor each canoe to their needs.

Skin-on-frame canoes are constructed with wood and nylon. Ballistic nylon is heat shrunk to a wooden frame and sealed with urethane. The end result is a lightweight, tough, and easy to repair canoe. Jon’s solo canoes can weigh less than 25lbs! Because they are so easy to carry, they’ve become a favourite canoe for many women.

Episode 6 – Spicin’ Up Your Backcountry Meals with Josh McFaddin

Josh McFaddin is a wild food hunter and outdoor enthusiast. He speaks with Eric and Adrian about the advantages of cooking with locally sourced wild foods.

Josh offers some practical tips for making delicious backcountry meals. He talks about his favourite spices, best fish recipes, and how to make an easy backcountry soup. He also explains how to make homemade jerky without a dehydrator. Check out some of his delicious meals on Instagram (@joshmcfads) before tuning in.



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