10 Outdoor Women You Have to Follow on Instagram

When I first started my Instagram, I found it difficult to find women to follow who loved the outdoors and were documenting their adventures. I hope this post helps you find some new accounts and inspires you! All the photos belong to those respective accounts. If you like these outdoor women, give them a follow and like their pages.

@paulinadao (Paulina Dao)

Paulina Dao blogs about her outdoor travels and adventures at Little Grunts. She covers backpacking, climbing, and hiking with a focus on California, Iceland, Idaho, Utah, New Zealand, Norway, and Washington. Her page gives you tips and tricks for hiking various trails in those and other areas. She also offers recommendations on gear.

@bodildall (Bodil Dorothea Gilje)

Bodil’s page is wilderness camping at its best. She takes images of herself and her dog in some of the most beautiful landscapes. She also makes some amazing campfire meals that will make you want to get outside and cook. Some of my favourite images were of her waffles, vanilla custard, bread rolls, pancakes, and pizza. Mmmm.

@naturechola (Karen Ramos)

Left: Woman carries a backpack and smiles at the camera. Right: Person stands on the edge of a cliff during sunset.

Karen Ramos is Oaxaqueña and founder of the non-profit organization Get Out, Stay Out. Get Out, Stay Out connects “indigenous-migrant children with the outdoors through hikes, camping trips, and multi-day backpacking adventures.” Karen’s photos are beautiful and she’s fiercely honest in her commentary on race, racism, and the outdoor industry.

@brookewillson (Brooke Willson)

I fell in love with Brooke’s account because of her beautiful photos of Western Canada. Pictures of Banff National Park, the Canadian Rockies, Salmon Glacier, and Emerald Lake – I’m putting them all on my bucket list after seeing her images. She also has Instagram account for her adorable Australian goldendoodle @timber_tails.

@psykolog.med.sovepose (Johanne Refseth)

Get your camping fix by following Johanne. Seriously, every time I check her account I have the urge to pack up and go camping. Johanne is a clinical psychologist who talks about the benefits of nature on mental health. I’ve appreciated her advice on coping with feelings of anxiety when camping alone.

@brownpeoplecamping (Ambreen Tariq)

Created by Ambreen Tariq, “@BrownPeopleCamping is a social media initiative that utilizes personal narratives and digital storytelling to promote greater diversity in our public lands and outdoors community.” Ambreen has raised awareness around the lack of diversity in the outdoor community and has worked hard to make these spaces more accessible. She’s also the co-founder of @outdoormuslims.

@intherivervalley (Roxanne Froese)

Roxanna Froese is a badass mother getting outside with her four children. I love watching her kids try new activities and discover the great outdoors. Her blog In the River Valley offers great advice for hiking a variety of trails in British Columbia. If you have young kids in your life, you’re sure to get some inspiration from her account.

@wilderness_mariabacus (Maria Yang)

Maria Yang describes herself as a “newbie bushcrafter” but her outdoor skills are well documented on her Instagram account. In 2018, she accomplished her goal of spending 40 nights outside. Her photos are gorgeous and her campfire shots will make you feel warm and cozy.

@thewimpycamper (Michelle)

Michelle is another woman who is sharing her bushcraft adventures on Instagram. Her posts document her camping and hiking adventures and the new skills she learns along the way. She’s done a lot to help connect and built the Instagram bushcraft community through her thoughtful posts and engagement on the platform.

@aaliceinwonderland (Alice)

Alice’s photos are breathtaking. Giant cascading waterfalls, beautiful mountains, towering forests, and turquoise waters make for a stunning gallery. She also blogs about her hiking and backcountry adventures at Backcountry Cow.

Are You an Outdoor Woman on Instagram?

Are you passionate about the outdoors? Do you have an Instagram account documenting your adventures? Please leave your tag in the description to let other people find you! Or maybe you want to shout-out some other amazing outdoor women. Let us know in the comments section!

4 comments on “10 Outdoor Women You Have to Follow on Instagram

  1. I love this so much! I am too passionate of the outdoors ? and I find it very interesting that I don’t see many women on outdoor adventures life these. I love how you mention a few because now I can follow them and feel inspired by them. If you would like to check out our adventure ahead over to my page @meandyouplusb where we plan to have some more adventures to share this year ?? Thank you again for sharing and loved this blog post?

  2. Thank you for sharing women who are not just posting beautiful photos but who have informed and diverse opinions. I am less of a traveler these days but I live closely to nature. I have lived mostly off-the-grid for the past 5 years and I practice sustainable living and consider myself a modern homesteader.

    • Thanks for your comment, Brett. They are some amazing women 🙂 I hope someday that I can live more off-grid in the way that you are! Right now I live in the city but I get out as much as possible. Cheers, Jenna.


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