Women Scientists to Follow on Instagram

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February 11 was International Day of Women and Girls in Science. To celebrate the accomplishments of women in science, I’ve put together a list of women scientists that you can follow on Instagram.

Corina Newsome @hood__naturalist

Corina Newsome is a wildlife conversationalist who works with MacGillivray’s Seaside Sparrows. She advocates for an inclusive outdoors and helped organize #BlackBirdersWeek.

Corina Newsome - women scientists to follow on Instagram

Charlie Young @ocean_magpie

Charlie Young is a conservation biologist specializing in marine science. She’s an avid diver and has logged over 100 scientific dives. She also has a YouTube channel where she discusses marine animals.

Charlie Young - women scientists to follow on Instagram

Kristina Lynn @wildbiologist

Kristina Lynn is a wildlife biologists who shares her expertise and experiences on YouTube. If you’re interested in a job in wildlife biology, check out her YouTube channel where she offers practical advice.

Kristina Lynn

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson @ayanaeliza

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson is a marine biologists and policy expert. She is the founder of Urban Ocean Lab, co-founder of The All We Can Save Project, and podcast co-host of How to Save a Planet.

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

Laura Kojima @laura.kojima

Laura Kojima is a Masters of Science student studying alligator ecotoxicity, ecology, and movement. She’s also a passionate science communicator. If you love reptiles and amphibians give her a follow.

Laura Kojima

Liv @thevirginmycologists

Liv is a mycologists in training. She posts stunning images of her mushroom hunts with tips for identifying mushrooms and interesting facts about different fungi species.


Earyn McGee @afro_herper

Earyn McGee is a PhD student and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow studying the effects of stream drying on the lizard population. She runs a popular Instagram game called #FindThatLizard.

Earyn McGee

Stephanie Schuttler @fancy_scientist

Stephanie Schuttler is a wildlife biologist and conservationist with the goal of helping others get into the field. Her Instagram and podcast, Fancy Scientist, discuss conservation and feature scientists and their research.

Stephanie Schuttler - women scientists to follow on Instagram

Raven Baxter @raventhesciencemaven

Raven Baxter is a molecular scientist and acclaimed science communicator. She is the founder of Black in Science Communication and STEMbassy. Check out her YouTube for science videos and the STEMbassy talk-show.

Raven Baxter

Imogene Cancellare @biologistimogene

Imogene Cancellare is a conservation biologist and National Geographic Explorer. She is completing her PhD at the University of Delaware and researching snow leopards in Asia.

Imogene Cancellare - women scientists to follow on Instagram

I hope this list helped you find some women scientists to follow on Instagram. Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science!

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